The Food of Love - Henry Purcell
Ravishing melodies, wonderfully tastful passing notes, harmonic surprises

Echoes of the water

Echoes of the water is a programme in which the indispensable element of water is highlighted. Now a mirroring source, then again a stormy sea, a fountain or a violent wave

Giorno avventuroso

A seventeenth-century South European description of a passionate day (with reference to the song 'Giorno avventuroso' by Stefano Landi) with ingredients such as: sunrise, nature, adventure, love and jealousy, eating and feast.


Dialogo della musica

Music from 17th century Rome: a dialogue between the Barberini family and Christina of Sweden. Some composers: Stefano Landi, Luigi Rossi, Marco Marazolli, Marc' Antonio Cesti and Alessandro Stradella


O bella Napoli

“Naples, the seaport town at the foot of the Vesuvius. There are few places in Europe where different musical worlds interpenetrate so intensely and where profane and religious music, classical music and folk music nestle up against each other. Naples, a city with a volcano breathing in its neck, with a direct connection to the entrails of the earth. Naples, a city swarming with ghosts who want to enthrall you” (free after Henning Bolte). A program with a popular appeal in which folk music and foreign influences are clearly discernable.

Luceros y flores – Lights and Flowers

In this program with Spanish profane and sacred music from the 17th century we carry the audience away to a world full of hope, faith, happiness, love and desire. Winking at the severe spiritual rules, the Tonos humanos and divinos share the same musical form and the same passionate words to praise the elusive feelings and the passionate love of God or of a beloved.  


O La Primavera 

A spring program with Italian and Spanish music with spring as theme.  Extra possibility: an exposition of roughly thirty small textile panels with spring flowers as a theme made by the artist Greet Boekholt (


“Passion and joy” Andrea Falconieri – Napless

a joyeus and lively program with surprising music


The Golden Age

music for church, courts and townhouses during the Dutch Golden Age (17th century)


Concerto di natale

A Mediterranean Christmas program


Concerto delle Donne

music by Italian women composers from the 17th century

“compositions of Barbara Strozzi are performed in a sublime manner. By the way the whole ensemble is excellent, in instrumental as well as vocal work.” (Marcel Bijlo, Tijdschrift Oude Muziek)


Cruel winds and wild beauty – nature program 

Italian and Spanish music inspired by nature